We believe that the success of early stage startups should not be limited by the funds they have. At Cofoundars work is therefore payed in shares!

Completely fair

Each contribution is compensated with the right amount!

Faster time to market

Don't waste time with tasks you don't like!


Leverage the knowledge of the crowd!

Get the help you need

The early stage of starting a company can be challenging. Operations, technology, marketing and sales are only a few disciplines a founder has to cover. Learning the necessary skills on the go will slow you down! So why not leave some of the work to experts and speed up your time to market?

The perfect side hustle

Everyone has a skill that is useful for a startup. No matter if you are a designer, coder, UX expert or an accountant. Chose a startup that you believe in and help it grow.

Fair Equity split

Get the slice of the pie you deserve! Not more, not less! To make sure all contributions to the success of the venture are split fairly, we use the Slicing Pie Method.

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